Friends of Soqotra & Dragon Tree Conference – Ghent

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The Friends of Soqotra Conference Aim

The “Friends of Soqotra” meet every year gathering naturalists, botanists, marine biologists, geographers, sociologists, linguists, archaeologists, explorers, writers, travellers interested in Socotra from all over the world. Presentations and discussions occur for ongoing projects and scientific research about Socotra. Attendees actively promote awareness for the conservation of the unique culture and nature of the Archipelago and its sustainable development. The aim is to create an event that brings together all people with a heart for the Socotra Archipelago, its biodiversity, its myths and traditions, its history and future. The vision of FoS can be found at


Resilience of the ecosystems and indigenous communities in the Socotra Archipelago.


The Dragon Tree Conference

The FoS AGM will be linked directly to the 2nd Dragon Tree Consortium Meeting which will be held in Ghent, the only Consortium in the world to promote research, awareness and conservation of all Dragon Blood Tree species on the planet. For more info on this, contact Dr Petr Madĕra at MENDELU. Attendees of the FoS meeting are welcome to join both conferences but please take into consideration the limited capacity.


New knowledge in dragon tree research.


Call for Papers

Participants are kindly invited to submit abstracts of papers and posters related to the themes of the conference. Each submitted abstract will be subject to peer-review and the conference organizers reserve the right to allocate the appropriate means of presentation to submitted contributions, depending on the number of time slots. A presentation should be aimed at 15 minutes (+ 5 minutes questions), with or without PowerPoint slides. Please take into consideration that the powerpoints can be asked to be shared online.


Conference Venue

The conference will be held from September 25th to 26th (FoS AGM) and the Dragon Tree Conference from September 27th, 2021, at Ghent University Botanical Garden, K.L. Ledeganckstr. 35, 9000 Ghent, Belgium


Fees and registration

Payment: All fees will be paid by the registration desk in cash.

Steering and Organizing committee (incl. AGM Subcommittee and committee volunteers)
The Socotra Conference and FoS AGM (and adjoining Dragon Tree Conference) will be organised by Ghent University Botanical Garden (host) in collaboration with Friends of Socotra and Mendel University.

Steering/Organizing Committee FoS Conference and AGM 2021: Kay Van Damme, Chantal Dugardin, Francesca Pella, Petr Madĕra, Hana Habrová, Jana Tulková, Fabio Attorre, Tullia Riccardi, Haifaa Abdulhalim, Luca Malatesta.


Travel restrictions

For more info on this, contact Prof. Petr Madĕra at MENDELU (petrmad (at) and Dr Kay Van Damme at Ghent University (kay.vandamme (at) for practical arrangements.