Friends of Soqotra – 19th Conference and AGM

Registration has been closed September 18th

The “Friends of Soqotra” meet every year gathering naturalists, botanists, marine biologists, geographers, sociologists, linguists, archeologists, explorers, writers, travelers interested in Socotra from all over the world. Presentations and discussions occur for ongoing projects and scientific research about Socotra. Attendees actively promote awareness for the conservation of the unique culture and nature of the Archipelago and its sustainable development. The aim is to create an event that brings together all people with a heart for the Socotra Archipelago, its biodiversity, its myths and traditions, its history and the future.

Conference Venue

The conference will be held from September 24th to 27th, 2020, Mendel University in Brno (Zemědělská 3, Brno,, Czech Republic. For thus who can not attend personally the organisers will stream all presentation also via selected internet platform (Zoom, Meets, etc.) and also remote participants can use the same platform to hold their presentation.


Fees and registration


Payment: All fees will be paid by the registration desk by cash.

Steering committee: Kay Van Damme, Miranda J Morris, Lisa Banfield, Sabina Knees, Dana Pietsch, Isam Edin Mohammed Ali, Hana Habrová, Sue Christie, Hugh Morris, Raquel Vasconcelos, Fabio Attorre, Vladimir Melnik, Eike Neubert, Salwa Barkwan, Haifaa Abdulhalim, Tullia Riccardi, Petr Maděra, Martin Rejžek.

Organizational committee: Kay Van Damme, Petr Maděra, Hana Habrová, Petr Němec, Klára Lengálová, Hana Kalivodová, Martin Rejžek, Petr Vahalík, Samuel Lvončík

Accommodation: The possibilities of accommodation near the conference place:

Hotel Bobycentrum

Hotel Avanti

Hotel Europa

Hotel Amphone

If you prefer cheaper accommodation in a student dormitory, please contact us for a reservation.

Travel restrictions



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